Plymouth Red Tent




Plymouth Red Tent was set up in May 2016 by Laura Roberts and Jemma Nicholls after visiting a Cornwall tent.  Both Jemma and Laura wanted a local tent, but weren’t sure they were ready to host one. However the format of the Cornwall tent changed and they decided to just go for it and see what happened. Two years later we have a successful tent group that provides a safe, supportive space for local women. We’ve had family friendly outings as well as the regular women only tent space and even a family camp this May (2018).

So far, the format of the tent is as follows :

The Stoke Community Centre is booked from 10-5 one Saturday per month. We gather and decorate the space, then start with a check in (pass around an item, introduce self, share anything that needs sharing).  The morning has a theme and is a little more structured – maybe a talk, meditation or workshop – followed by a sharing lunch. The afternoon is more relaxed. People bring books to read,  crafts to do.  Women may share skills with each other or just sit and nap/chat. The choice is yours!

We’ve raised money to create a red tent library and these books are available to borrow for a small deposit.  Women contribute £7 per tent towards venue hire and money left over goes on resources for tent / workshops etc. Each month we have one free ‘hardship’ space.

Babes in arms are welcome but due to the nature of the tent space we cannot really accommodate babies who are crawling/walking.

Daughters are welcome once they are approaching / experiencing menarche.  Be aware that many of the discussions we have are very open and frank so please only bring your daughter if you are happy for them to hear such things.  It needs to be a safe space for all and women must feel they can talk openly.


Once we are set up at Snapdragons, the aim is to have some evening sessions as well as the monthly Saturday – these could include full moon women circles, goddess worship circles, singing circles and more.

For more information please join our Facebook group : Plymouth Red Tent or email